Where can I purchase Symetrics products?

All Symetrics products can be purchased at the webshop of sister company adaptbrand.com
What makes Symetrics soulplates & flat frames different from other hardware?

The Symetrics soulplate & flat frames are the only production hardware on the market that is CNC-machined instead of poured. By using CNC techniques, harder materials can be used. The material used for the Symetrics soulplate and flat frames is a raw, self lubricating material that makes the Symetrics soulplates and flat frames the fastest hardware in the world.

We are often asked the question if we use 'diamond material' or UHMW for our hardware. Products made with these materials are incomparable and inferior to our products. The material we use is harder, slides faster (also on aluminium), lasts longer and will not deform upon impact.


Our soulplate and flat frame material is from Italian origin and is machined in The Netherlands.


Can I use Symetrics soulplates on my skates?

Symetrics soulplates fit on most flat based boots, for some boots a little modification is needed.

Symetrics soulplates fit on Adapt Stealth, Adapt Vegan, Adapt ONE, USD Carbon, USD Carbon-free, USD Seven (VII) and Seba CJ models without modification.

Symetrics soulplates fit on Rollerblade Solo and Salomon models with minor modifications.


What are the dimensions of the Symetrics soulplates?


You can find the dimensions of the Symetrics soulplates in the image below.

(click for bigger image)

What are the dimensions of the Symetrics flat frames?

You can find the dimensions of the Symetrics frames in the image below. The dimensions are the same for the alu and the plastic flat frames.

(click for bigger image)

symetrics soulplates dimensions


symetrics flat frames dimensions


Will the Symetrics frames fit on my skates?


We offer three types of frames that fit on 2/3 types of skates;

The Symetrics flat frames use the UFS (Universal Frame System) mount and fit on all UFS aggressive skates. Both the Symetrics flat frames as well as all UFS aggressive boots are flat and have mounting holes at 165mm, meaning all UFS frames fit on all UFS boots.

The Symetrics Hyperskate frames are non-ufs. The Hyperskate frames use the SSM mount (165mm Short Speed Mount) and fit on any boot that uses this mount. The types of boots that use this mount are primarily hyperskates and freeskates. These types of boots have a raised heel and therefore the backside of these types of frames are raised as well (10mm height difference). Therefore, these types of frames do not fit on aggressive boots without modification (and vice versa).

The Symetrics Quattroframes are frames that are specifically designed to fit the Adapt QuattroMount. This means that this frame only fits on Adapt Hyperskates from 2017 and newer and the Adapt Superleggera.


If you are unsure which frames will fit on your boot, feel free to contact us so we can help you out. 

Are any of the Symetrics Hyperframes rockered?

The Symetrics Hyperframes are not rockered. Our goal with the frames is to make a stable and fast frame, and a rockered frame is the opposite of that. You can of course make a rockered setup with our frames by using a combination of two wheel sizes.

Can I put bigger wheels in the Symetrics Hyperframes?

All our hyperframes are optimized to fit the maximium wheel size as stated on the frame, so it is not possible to put bigger wheels in the frame than is stated on the frame.

Is the Symetrics Quattro frame rockered?

No, the Quattroframe is not rockered, but does use a hi-lo wheel combination. The frame fits 2 back wheels of 90mm and 2 front wheels of 84mm. This gives you the ability to maintain more speed compared to an 84mm frame, while keeping the maneuvrability of a 84mm frame.

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